pg 50Thursday. 3.d. March. 1842.

A sultry, summers day.

What peculiar weather, fires, and clothes quite insupportable.I walked out in the morning, found my. self quite heated. Maria came down at eleven, I had just finished my mornings work and felt really tired. Simon, is so much engaged at the store, he
scarcely gets time to do his work at home,
I must help along, or all would go astray.
Bridget, went out with the children, they
all felt heated, and weary.
I took a long walk with Maria, and felt
really over come by the heat. We met the
Miss Moores, and I asked them a question
much to Maria’s distress.
Eugene, took dinner with us.

Garret, came in quite pale, but after resting looked better. At four he left us again to visit Marble-Town for a few days. The weather was very favorable for his jaunt. I made a great many objetions to his going, but he says I must not be so childish.

I went to Mrs Stagg, to have a cap made for
mother of shirred muslin, they are very neat
and fashionable. It will cost me ten shillings
I could not offend to give it, but still I did
not know how to deny myself the pleasure.

Spent my evening alone reading, and sewing.
Diana, washed again to.day, her clothes
look miserable, I never had any so terribly
messed up before. Great [_athers] are seldom good
workers. She is unmalled (1) in the first performance.

(1) unmauled: to handle or use roughly