pg 52Saturday. March. 1842.

Warm, but overcast at intervals.

I fatigued myself working around my dislike to dirt, is a spur to my active powers. The dust will accumulate in despite of all my efforts to the contrary. I went up to “Millers” for shoes, bought two pairs, pair Remsen, pair Louis. Owe for three pair. Walked down Broadway, the air was
really sultry, and every one seemed heated, still
a dampness and occasional chill, warned us
to be prudent. Met the Miss Hornblowers.
I took a cap to be made at Mrs Staggs.
The children walked out with Bridget.
Our beef.steak, spoilt by the heat, we dined
on boiled eggs.
I made a cap after dinner, from one I had,
that is altered the shape.

(This scan seems to be missing)
Wrote a note to C. and sent Simon for Stephen
Travels with a present of a shirred cap for
mother. A great pleasure to give a gift so
Received a note from C. she, and Henry
getting better. The news of “Mrs Davies” death,
was unexpected, altho she has been linger
ing for months. Old age, sickness, and
poverty, have broken down a spirit uncom
monly brilliant, A warning to those who
are still in health, surrounded by luxuries,
that the end day must come, sooner, or

I altered Remsens, coat to night.
Maria, sent us a slice of her cake, which
Julie, and I demolished instantly.