525 Greenwich S. N.Y.
Sunday. 6.th. March. 1842.

Dark, gloomy sky, with heavy showers, all
through the day. Mild atmosphere.

At six oclock Garret came home, I was awake,
but did not expect him untill Monday.
He had a mudday [sic] jaunt, the roads very
bad in the country. All well at Benjamins [Garret’s brother in Stone Ridge]
Margaret’s baby, a smart little monkey of six
weeks standing.
The Dr looking slim from hard work.
Garret, looking much improved from his excur.
sion, a change beneficial to him at all times.
We did not get to Church, but passed our
day in reading.

G. bought some candy for Julies cough, which
troubles her most at night. He went to bed
at eight oclock to rest out.