pg 54Tuesday. March. 1842.

A beautifull, bright clear day.

I made all my arrangements at home, and walked out after they were finished. The air was fine, and I enjoyed the walk, but felt tired on returning home.
The children went out with Bridge. Pa, came in sat an hour with the children on his lap, they soon riffled his pockets.
I gave him some cake, and wine to refresh him, af.
ter a long walk. Should like to have refreshed his
memory on other points, for Garrets sake.

He dined at three, on ham, and eggs.
The pleasant afternoon tempted us all out again.
Julie, and I went to Broadway, met several old
acquaintances. Called on Mrs Grey, she was not at
home. Took coffee instead of tea, for a change….

Business, very dull this season, andpg 55 money scarcer than ever. The merchants are all paine struck at the state of affairs. Mr H. who seldom desponds, feels very despondent now, and does not know what course to pursue. Sometimes he speaks of boarding to lesson our expenses, this would be disagreable [sic] to me, but
if nessecssary [sic] I must submit.
My dreams of pleasure are getting out of this confined situation, I am fearfull will not be realized
or rather great draw backs will hang around our
future enjoyments.
G. wishes to economise [sic] as much as possible, and
I of course must assist him.

We were both struck with the uninterrupted [sic]
health of our family, and dread the approach
of that fearfull disease, which has agonized so
many hearts, by sweeping away their children,
and friends.

The thought of sickness, disease, and death, should
be after the companion of our solitude, so that
when our day comes, we may be enabled to look
to God for strength, fortitude, and submission.
To bear the visitations of God with penitence,
and resignation, must be the duty of the chris.
tions, the first duty which his daily calls upon
the “Throne of Grace will teach him to ask for.
My prayer is, that we may both be pre-
pared for that hour, in which god seems to
hide his face, but will not utterly leave or
forsake us, if we trust to his mercy.