pg 56Thursday. March. 1842.

A pleasant, mild spring day.

I busied myself around untill twelve oclock, and then set off with Julie, for a walk. We went to Broadway, and Sis, wanting a drink I stepped in at Mrs Painters. A glass of Jelly looked so tempting, I could not resist eating it, although my economical angel, rose up to reproach my extravagance. It did me much good in the end, entirely removeing a weakness, which almost compelled me to return home. After eating some spunge[sic] cake, we perused our course up town, and around thro! Prince St. home. The boys were out with Bridget.

G. came up to dinner fatigued, had been pg 57
to auction, and busy besides, which made him more cheerfull I took Louis up Hudson St. after dinner.

Left two new collars to be crimped, for Sis.
The air felt damp, and clouds looked as if for rain. Louis, rather a troublesome beau, I
brought him home, and went a few streets alone. Paid 50 cts. Mrs Stagg. for cap, shirred
Met Mrs Purdy, had a little chat with her.
Came home fatigued, lay an hour on the
sofa to rest.
Simon, down town all the afternoon.
Bridget, prepared tea, and I nursed.

The evening pleasant, Garret, asked me to
walk, but I felt too poorly.
Read the news.papers, mended stockings,
and talked with G. untill bed.time.