Friday. 11.th. March. 1842.

A dull sky, with slight showers, the sun gleaming out at intervals.

Julie, awoke me early, she and her fathers generally converse at day.light. She is a tedious old. maidish little mortal, when arranging her garters. G. tried to spur her on, but she will go her own gait. We were all kept at home by the uncertain clouds; I looked over Julie’s summer clothes, and lengthened her dresses. Louis will not be able to wear his old shirts, he has grown so much, and Remsen must have a new set of garments. Miss L.
A welcomed guest paid me a visit this morning, she has been some time comeing from B. Garret, disappointed Miss L. again this morning….

We dined alone to.day, the children and my pg 57
self, Garret did not honour us with his company, too busy I hope to spare the time.
Garret took his dinner, and tea together, and eat with a good relish.

Julie, complains of a rash on her body, we think it the nettle rash. Her habit is too frill, and she has indulged too much in buckwheat cakes.