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pg 59Tuesday. 15.teenth. March. 1842.

A bright morning, but April showers obscured the sun.shine at noon.

Our morning duties over, Julie, and I dressed for a walk. We went to see Mrs Martin, and Newby’s, but found them all out. Proceeded to Broadway, and went in to Mr Anelli’s, sat an hour with them. Find them an agreable couple, she has improved very much, and is really pretty.
Arrived a beautifull picture, the parting of Medora & the Corsair.
Mr Anelli, gave Sis two pomegranates.
We returned home. Mrs Rhind paid me a
visit, she looks very well. We were just on
the point of starting for Chelsea, and Julie, was
much disappointed on being kept at home.
Fortunately we did not set off, as mother,

and Maria came in to dine with me.
Catharine, had urged mother to come out, her first
visit in six weeks.
I bought oysters for dinner, we had nice steaks,
also. Some showers frightened mother after dinner
and she set out for home. I was fearfull she
might catch cold.
Garret, came in to tea, and brought a watch
for each of the boys.
I put Julie to bed in the evening, as Bridget
ironed. Mr H. went out on business and did
not return untill ten oclock. A feeling of
weariness prevented me from employing myself
to any good purpose, as sleep overcame every
other faculty.
It was my intention to read, but my mind
would not settle down to any thing, so I gave it up.

Our butter, has become strong, and quite
disagreable to my sensitive tastes.