pg 60Wednesday. 16.teenth. March. 1842.

A bright, March day, quite cool.

We arose rather earlier this morning, as Simon was wanted down town. Garret, loves a nap in the morning, after the bell rings, and so do I but it will not do for both to indulge. My morning work was hurried, as I had promised to go up to Chelsea. Julie, spelt her lessons, and then we dressed. I left Bridget, at home alone, to cook a Turkey, boil a hen, and nurse the children.
We had a cool ride to Chelsea, and found the
invalids better, but thin, and emaciated.
Henry, is dieting for liver complaint, and Cath.
for cold, and sore throat. I wish they were both
healthy, and robust, as it grieves me to see them
so delicate. Mrs Moore, came in to see C. she looks pretty
but it is not intellectual refinements, which

gives her a charm, to me she is rather childish,pg 61
Having known her fifteen years ago, makes her
interesting to me. Maria, went with me to see Mrs Smith, the mother of my deceased friend, and brides.maid. Jane Ann Smith. She looks thin, and no doubt feels alone since the death of her old mother, I sat some time with her, and tried to cheer her drooping spirits… She promised to come and see me, as soon as she goes out.
I spent another hour with mother, and
then set out for home. Julie, wanted to stay.
Maria, gave me some spunge cake, but it did
not destroy my appetite for our dinner.

A gentleman, and two ladies called to see
our pictures this afternoon. One of the ladies
was an artist, her name Mrs Western.
The light on the pictures was not good, so
they did not show to advantage.