pg 61Thursday. 17.teenth. March. 1842.

Mild, with dust, and mist.

I remained at home all the morning attending my housekeeping duties. Mended a pair of pants for G. they occupied me all the morning. Mrs Newby, called in to see me. The boys walked out before dinner.

Mr Lockwood, presented Garret, with a beautifull edition of the “selected British Poets” bound in scarlet and gold. Mr H. accepted them, because I wished him to take them

We had a pleasant dinner, Garret says I ought
to grow fat, my appetite is so fine.
My complexion has cleared off very much.

Julie, and I walked out after dinner, the air was filled with dust, and rather depressing in effects.
We both felt wearied, and languid on returningpg 62 home.
I have been reading, “Letters from the Bottie, by a lady.” They are very amusing, and ad.
mirably written. The country, inhabitants and customs, all novel to us.

Mr. H. went out after tea, I put all the children to bed, to let Bridget go to Church, as “St Patricks day” is dear to the heart of every son and daughter of Erin.

Received a note from Bell, wishing me to find
Mrs Lee, for Mrs Easton a friend of Mrs Haigts.