pg 63Saturday. 19. March. 1842.

A lovely summers day.

We all enjoy this fine weather, but think it rather unseasonable for March.

The duties of housekeeping over, my business with Bell, presented itself, and a ride offered
an inducement for me to set out on my
jaunt. The stage was crowded, and my
pleasure was not realized, as to be squeezed
between two fat men, and stared to death by six
others, is any thing but agreable. I sat one
hour waiting for Bell who was out, and at
last returned home, after writeing her a note.
Miss Roberts, handed me cake, and was quite
agreable, except in appearance.
Meeting Bell, I returned and sat another
hour with her, chatting, and eating rusks , un
till my appetite was completely lost….

I rode up to dinner, and found myself in pg 64
time. Mr H. engaged to day. Severen, down from MarbleTown, all well there. Took a walk with G. in the evening, looked
at Mrs Westerns paintings in Broadway. They are tolerably done, better than I expected.

G, and I drank porter in the evening, could not finish a whole bottle.

Isabella, had been up to see me, in my absence
while sitting waiting for her.

The miss Onderdonks, called in to see me.
To admire the pictures I expect.

[1] Rusk-A rusk is a hard, dry biscuit or a twice-baked bread