pg 64Sunday. March. 1842.

Mild, but threatening for rain.

Garret, went with me to Church, but a faint feeling prevented my enjoying the sermon. The thought of getting up to leave the Church, haunted
me incessantly, but I subdued the fear, or rather it passed over. The sermon was on the “power, and goodness of God,” I thought the discourse excellent,
but Mr H. found many faults.
I did not go out again, spent the after.
noon hearing the children their catechism, and
striving to touch their little hearts. Read to
Louis, the “crucifixion of our Savior.”
They all walked out with their father.
Remsen, slept two hours, had a slight fall
on his head, from climbing on the stairs.
I put all three to bed in the evening…pg 65

This is a great pleasure to me, as we generally have a fine frolic, particularly little Remsen, who loves to stick his toes in my face to kiss.
I went to bed at ten, after reading an hour with G. in Scotts Bible.

A bright cloud, in the dark heavens had a most singular appearance, we thought it
the “northern lights.”  Rain, commenced falling at nine oclock.