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pg 65Monday. 21.st. March. 1842.

Clear at intervals, the rain last night has purified the atmosphere.

We jumped out of bed at seven this morning, the unexpected sun.shine, startled us from our slumbers. On the first of April, I shall get up at six precisely.

Garret, ate his last buckwheat cakes this
morning. Our honey meal, and butter are
all out, so we must go on another task.
We do not regret their loss, as it is too late to in
dulge in rich cakes.
Eugene, surprised me by a visit, he came to
ask, if it was convenient for me to receive the
Miss Hornblowers and Maria to tea. I said
yes, and he promised to return to dinner
with us. I made some few preparations, altho the ap.pg 66

pearance of the sky, was rather threatening. Bridget, and Louis brought me some macaroons. I tried to get new butter, but did not succeed, there is none to be had.
My morning was passed in sewing, and teaching Julie her lessons.
I cut the ends of her hair and had it cleaned to prevent its falling out. She complained of
a pain on the crown of her head, probably the
affect of a knock she received yesterday getting
under the bed.
Eugene, came in to dinner, but at four oclock
the dark clouds commenced pouring down a
strange medley of snow, rain and hail, quite
a sad termination to our young summers dreams
Our expected guest would not brave this storm
so while Eugene read in our windows, I wrote a
long note to Catharine in the other. He left
us before tea.
Remsen, fell asleep before tea, it was late
before Simon came home, and I sat playing

on the piano, forgetting the hour.
Garret, came in to tea, was disappointed
at not finding Remmy up to play with.
Julie, delighted with macaroons, and crackers
for her supper. She is a dainty little mor-
tal, more particular than mother or father.
Cut out two summer flannel waistcoats for

The day.boats commenced running this morning.
I was surprised on going to bed to see the
house tops covered with snow.
G. makes me take wine with him, every
night, the effect is not good always.