pg 67Thursday. 22.nd. March. 1842.

Chilling air, ground covered with snow, which terminated in rain, at nine oclock PM.
The cold storm made us hug our pillows, too late this morning. The streets were muddy and presented a gloomy picture. The storm pleased me, as I had several things to accomplish which a bright sunshine would have put out of my
head entirely.
We get on very nicely with our housekeeping
affairs, it gives me pleasure to busy myself
around, and see that all things are in good
Mr H. did not come up to dinner,
I wished for him, as it was a dish he loves.
The rain has prevented him from takeing this
disagreable walk. This will often be the case.

I do not wish him to expose himself to
this unhealthy weather.
My old trouble of weakness, pain in my
back, and rough complexion, are still with me,
they will probably lead me to my grave.
I do not know what skill can cure me
no human skill can touch my disease.
My sleep is as sound as infant slumbers,
and my appetite good, but this drawn
sword always hangs over my head…

Mr H. sent home two pieces of muslin One piece for his shirts, the other for the 68 The evening was dull, and raining without; but we made it cheerfull and happy within. A domestic husband, is a pearl of great price,
in these modern days, mine is invaluable in this respect, as well as in a thousand others.