pg 68Wednesday. 23.d. March. 1842.

Cold, and not very agreable. A March day, with an overcast sky at night.

Our breakfast, was a happy meal, and our smileing children, full of healthfull glee, gives me an appetite, even for Simons burnt toast. After making all arrangements around the
house, a walk presented itself, as beneficial to
my health. I spent an hour takeing my
favorite stroll around Broadway, stopped at
“Wittinghams to see the fashions, but they were not opened.
On my return I sent all the children out,
the mid.day sun was warm, and pleasant.
Shook hands with the Miss Champlins.
Garret, came in late to dinner, the beef.steak
was fine, but I cannot enjoy these things,
fearing to enrich my blood. My face already,
poisons all my pleasure, but every one has
some secret mortification to contend with…pg 69

Eugene, came in after dinner as an “avant courier”, of the young ladies. The preparations were soon made, and at six they arrived. We all spent a lively evening, the Miss Hornblowers, are very agreable, and sociable, Caroline, has a beautifull form, and is gracefull and musical. She waltzed, and skipped around with Eugene beautifully. Mary had a cold. Maria, made some attempts at singing, but music has no part, or lot in her composition.
Garret, admired some things, very much at
the tea.table, so did I, wishing that heaven
had made me such an object of gratification
to him.
Our tea.table was prettily arranged, and all
passed off very well.
Julie, danced, and sung as well as any body
and sat up untill nine oclock.
I felt flushed, and looked no doubt disagreable,
as one generally feels, as they look.

Bridget, bought some new butter, but it was
rather tasteless. She cut her bread very thin
an nice
G. gave me two shillings to buy some macaroons

They make them miserable at Browns.
Remsen, went to bed before tea; he was
rather displeased with his dress, wanting his
“rosy dress” on. Vanity is a passion which
soon discloses itself, even in the breast of
a child not three years old.