pg 73Sunday. 27.th. March. 1842.

A beautifull spring day, not warm.

I went to Church twice, and enjoyed the priviledges [sic] of health and instruction. Garret, accompanied me; Julie went in the morning. Our text in the morning was from the Hebrews “Without faith we cannot please God.” The manner of our preacher was strange, but his sermon good. Mr Hutton, gave us a beautifull discourse
on our “light afflictions, which endure ^ but for a moment.
It was really affecting, and many tears were shed
in secret at the affecting truths, which he por
trayed in a voice, of melody, and deep pathos.
I like Mr H. and so does Garret.
The boys walked out with their father.

I took a cold bath in the evening, it invigorated
my frame very much.