pg 74Tuesday. 29.th. March. 1842.

Clear, and pleasant. The sun shineing brilliantly but not too warm for exercise.

Spring begins to smile upon us in reality, the Trees are leaving forth in the Park, and Nature arrives once more. I swept the parlours, and put all things in order. Maria, came in, she spent the morning, we walked down Broadway to.gether, and met some old friends. Julie, went with us. M. has very aristocratic ideas, ridiculous on reflection, for us to indulge in. I gave her some hints, to display more wisdom.
She did not remain to dinner. I sent Henry the new magazine. Garret, comes home to dinner much fatigued
and complains daily of the walk. In hot weather, he will be unable to stand it…

pg 75The boys, took a long walk this morning. I did not go out again, but practiced the
piano, and taught Julie her songs untill tea hour, then called in the boys for a romp.

Commenced a shirt for Garret, my first
attempt at the business since our marriage. It is a great task, but perseverance overcomes
all things. Sewed untill my back ached all the evening.

Garret, paid the grocer bill and gave me ten
shillings in five penny bits. It rained quite hard in the evening.