pg 75Wednesday. March. 1842.

A lovely, clear day.

We took our breakfast before eight, as Simon
was wanted down town.
Our coffee, and butter, both bad.
Fresh eggs, are my principal stay at this
time. My appetite poor this morning.
Obliged to punish all the children this mor-
ning for disobedience. They use a great many
improper expressions, but I suppose they will soon out grow them.

Julie, walked out with me, I thought air, and
exercise might strengthen me, as a weakness, and
debility pervaded my system. Garret observed
my languor at dinner, and gave me a long
piece of advice. He attributed all my com
plaints to pills, and nostrums*, but he is
mistaken, and I cannot undeceive him.

* nostrums: A medicine whose effectiveness is unproved and whose ingredients are usually secret; a quack remedy.

pg 76He says instead of dieting, I must take [every]
rich, and nourishing. He went out in the evening, and bought
coca port
Fresh butter
The egg and wine I am to take before, the coca at breakfast. A long lecture accompanied these prescriptions.