pg 76Thursday. March. 1842.

A bright sun, but the wind blew a tornado,
and the dust flew in clouds. The air was
cold and piercing. A true March farwell.

We all arose at seven, and I took my egg and
wine, according to orders- My head felt rather
dizzy in consequence.
The morning was past in sewing on my first
shirt, my anxiety to finish the task is extreme.
I had some idea of going up to Chelsea, but aban
doned the jaunt.
We changed our dinner hour to half past three.
Julie’s dress came home, a lilac mous de laine,
it was too tight, and went back for alteration.
After dinner I set out for a walk to Mrs B.s,
the wind almost carried me away.
Bought a “comb, and brush” for myself: 5.shillings.
Blew home, and was smothered in dust.
I never was out in such a tremendous gale.