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Greenwich Street New York
Friday. April. 1.st. 1842.

Pleasant, and clear sky. The air cool, and strengthening.

Julie’s birth day. She is six years old to day. We have all been makeing fools of one another, this morning. I caught Garret, finely, and sent one to Bridge, and Mrs Bloodgood. Julie was determined to spend the day with her grandmother, so after some delays, and disappoint-
ments as to dress, we finally got all strait, and
set off on our journey.
They were looking for us, but I could not dine, or
eat custard made for the occasion. Henry,
is getting better, looks very thin. Catharine is
only tolerable. I returned at three, found
“mon mari,” waiting my arrival, but unfortunately
the dinner, was not ordered.
We soon sat down to a broiled fish, and for des-

sert some nice pan. cakes.
After dinner I walked out, and went over by a
strange fatality to see Mrs Grey. Six years had
passed, since I was taken there in extreme
pain, to give birth to Miss Julie. I did not
think of these events untill I found my.
self in the house. Mrs Grey was quite sick
with a shocking cold, and sent for me to come
down in her basement. After sitting a quarter of
an hour she told me her brother had been sick two
weeks with scarlet fever, and had left for the country
a few days ago. I was shocked, and the idea
that she was getting it, made me tremble. I
soon left, regretting my visit, from my heart.
Julie, slept at her grandmothers, I sent her
nightgown up by Simon. She was waltzing
around with Eugene.

I can pet my little boys in her absence to my
hearts content. Louis, looks pale to night.
Garret, complaining of the hard times.