pg 78April. 2 nd. Saturday. 1842.

A beautifull spring day, but cool.

Simon rung me up at half past six. I jumped up, and spent some time in washing my self with cold water.
Then took my egg and wine and then called up Garret.
Time is too precious to be wasted in bed,
the days are not long enough for me, to get
through my numerous pursuits.
Sewed two hours on G.s shirts, and
then set out for a walk. The air cool, I
felt much fatigued on reaching home. Met
my boys in Broadway.
Had a late dinner, waited for G. untill four oclock.
Louis, went to the store with his father.
Remsen, and Bridget went up to Chelsea for “Sis”
I was alone two hours in the house, and amused

myself practiseing [sic] the piano.
They all returned to tea, and went to bed
fatigued. Julie, seemed glad to see me, and
called me “dear little sweet mother.” She leaves
her grandmothers with unfeigned regret, and
always sheds tears.

Garret bought me “Zanoni ” to night published
by the brother Jonathan for 25 cents.
It is pronounced Bulivers best production.
I did not commence it not wishing to dis.
turb my mind from my sabbath duties:
As an author, he is not a favourite of mine, Scott,
gives me far greater delight, in realizing as it
were the beautifull creations of his genius.
“Effie, and Jeanie Deans,” are the most natural,
interesting heroines, ever drawn by mortal hand.
Zanoni is an 1842 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a story of love and occult aspiration. By way of introduction, the 220px-Zanoni_1stauthor confesses: “…It so chanced that some years ago, in my younger days, whether of authorship or life, I felt the desire to make myself acquainted with the true origins and tenets of the singular sect known by the name of Rosicrucians.” A manuscript came into his hands written in the most unintelligible cipher, a manuscript which through the author’s own interpretation became Zanoni.~ taken from Wikipedia