pg 79 Greenwich. Street.
Sunday. April 3.d. 1842.

A mild hazy atmosphere, which terminated in showers at night.

We over slept our time this morning, the sun did not shine in our lazy faces. G. and I went up to Church. Mr Fisher, had just moved his family down the river, and pleaded fatigue, and indisposition.
His discourse was on the parable of the “Sower
and the Seed.” He was not as eloquent as
usual. We took a short walk after Church.
The air felt damp to me.
Mr H. has a cold but does not complain.
he coughs, and raises considerably.
I ate cabbage at dinner, it disagrees with
me, and made me sick on Saturday.
The uncertain sky, and a feeling of uneasiness
kept me at home, the remainder of the day,

Garret, took the boys to walk, and went to Church
in the evening.
My complexion quite uncomfortable again, indeed
it defies all cure. Mr H. will not allow me to
fast, take medicines, or attempt any cure, so I
commit myself to God, who does not afflict us
willingly. It may be nesscessary [sic] for me to
have this thorn in the flesh, to wean me from
the love of personal decoration.