pg 80Monday. April. 4.th. 1842.

A heavy storm of rain, but mild air, with occasional gusts of high wind.

We do not jump up bright, these dull mornings, at least Julie and her father sleep an extra nap. Swallowed my “egg and wine” hope it will not add to my troubles. Do not eat as many boiled eggs in consequence fearing they may be too heavy for my stomach. Love them very much. Spent my morning in a thousand ways,
Altered Julie’s new de Laine, and found two grease
spots on the front breadth. Washed them out.
Bridget, took the Curtains down to.day.
The afternoon pleasant, I walked out with
the three children, they were so anxious I could
not refuse to gratify them. We went beyond
St Lukes Church, they all behaved very well.