pg 80Tuesday. 5.th. April. 1842.

Beautifull, bright day.

Diana, came to wash our clothes, for the last time perhaps in this house. After all our duties were performed Julie, and walked out to enjoy the fresh air. It was warm, but pleasant for walking. To gratify Julie, I went to Miss Painters, to buy her a sponge cake, at the same time takeing a Jelly to strengthen myself. Mother, and Maria met us there, they had been purchaseing [sic] a dress.
We returned together, and Mother sat an hour
to rest herself. Henry, is getting better slowly.
I bought some horse hair, to stuff a “tournure.”
Walked again after dinner.
Sent my bonnet to Miss Wittinghams, this
morning. Garret, has a bad cold, but does not complain.

he has not been quite well since last week.pg 81
Came up to his dinner quite late, these late
meals are unhealthy things.