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pg 81Wednesday. 6.th. April. 1842.

Wet disagreable [sic] day, a storm approaching.

We all kept snug at home to.day. Diana, here again to finish our great wash.I gave her carpet. rags, a pair shoes, and some collars. She is honest but slow. My time to day, was spent in sewing, and arranging household affairs.

I engaged Mrs Hall, our opposite neighbour to
make some shirts for Mr Hasbrouck.
Just after she left, Mrs Mainer, came in, and I
had no work to give her. I feel some compas.
sion for her, but she is a person not agreable [sic] to
my taste. Her visits are rather unpleasant to

In the evening I received a present from “mon
maire”, of a nice piece of linen. Cashmere forpg 82

Louis a coat. Buttons, and spools cotton to
make the shirts.
The Linen, came very acceptable, as I have
never made any since chemise of that
material, in seven years. A good stock in
1835 has lasted me to this day.