pg 82Thursday. 7.th. April. 1842.

The storm still continues, and rain falls without cessation.

This is “Remsens” Birth.day. He is now three years old. A rosey, fat, beautifull boy with long light ringlets blowing over his chubby cheeks. He, has scarce known sickness, and has a very merry playfull term of mind, quite comic at times. A good hard romp
with me is his delight. His faults are,
too numerous to mention, and his little
tongue is always running.

Bridget ironing to.day.
I bought cake to celebrate Remsen’s birth.day.
He tells his age very distinctly.
“Zanoni” , has infatuated me to.day, it is
a splendid work, and the moral good.
My tears would fall at the closing scenes,

although the griefs, were only fictitiouspg 83
A critic no doubt will find great faults, for they generally exist with great Beauty,and this work is certainly of a high class of thought, science, and composition. Garret, has not read it, I am anxious to hear it aloud from his lips.

A heavy shower of rain, with thunder,
and lightening, gave us hope of a clear
day to.morrow.
Zanoni: an 1842 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. His most famous quote, “the pen is mightier than the sword”, is from220px-Zanoni_1sthis play, Richelieu. If you would like to read the book in full, click here.