pg 83Friday. April. 1842.

The storm still continues, and every thing is drenched in rain.

My entire day was spent in the nursery a day of many trials to my nerves.
What restless, heedless, tormenting little animals children are, and how they strive to impose on a mothers tenderness, and forbearance. Bridget manages them much better than I can, she has more determination of character.

We had an unfortunate dinner, pickled
sausages, they were distastefull to us all.
G. almost gave me a set.down for my
My face felt uncomfortable, but
G. will not allow me to try any cures.
I must beare [sic] it in patience, and sorrow.

pg 84Garret’s, cold quite painfull to him, he is hoarse, and coughs very often. His looks are a tell tale of his feelings, as he is pale haggard, and spiritless. Cold water is his only remedy.