pg 85Sunday. April. 1842.

A lovely day, mild and balmy air.

Garret, took a dose of medicine this morning. I went to Church alone, it was communion Sabbath, and a solemn season for all.
I renewed my vows and dedicated my heart anew to the Christian’s Faith. The sermon was appropriate from the text “They were called Christians, first at Antioch.” In the afternoon I took Louis, and Sis, Louis, soon became tired, laughed aloud, and gave me great trouble, destroying all my interest in the exercises of the afternoon. On our return home, we met a military funeral procession” the music, and crowd were very attractive to the children. I would fain have avoided the throng, but Louis would
not let me stir. The curiosity to them was great, and they were wild with excitement.

G. felt better from the powerfull affects of his medicine. I felt weary, and weak myself, and my mental anxiety in the morning, completely upset my nerves.