pg 86Tuesday. 12. th. April. 1842.

A beautifull summers day.

I did not go out this fine morning. Could not find time. Had six yards fine linen washed to prepare bosoms for shirts.
Sent for Mrs Hall, she brought a shirt to show me her work. I was much displeased at the long stitches, and showed her mine, as a pattern. Gave her linen for bosoms, expect they will be terribly made.

The Miss Baileys made me a short visit.
Jospehine, looked pretty, and I think wished
me to consider this her fare well visit as Miss
Baily. She will be married soon I presumed
from the hints she threw out.
Mr Hasbrouck, came up to dinner, he feels
better to day

pg 87I went out after dinner, wore my shirred bonnet, and satin shawl, did not find them too cool. My bonnet, had not come from the pressers, Miss Wittingham gives me poor encouragement to expect it in a week.I purchased a pair kid gloves in Canal St. They are too light, and do not suit me. Saw Mrs Pell, envied her her fat, and
good looks. Sewed all the evening, made a bosom for a shirt.
We talked over moving, have some idea of boarding a week, to escape the new paint.