pg 88Friday. 16.teenth. April. 1842.

Clear, bright sky, but rather cool. A deceptive spring day.

We breakfasted early, and I walked out to sniff the morning air. At eleven oclock dressed for a visit to mother, Took Julie along. Spent an hour, or two chatting with them, found a list of invalids but no one in bed. Henry, improving.

Had pan.cakes for dinner, Mr H. did not
come up, I had eaten a great slice of cake, at
mothers, and injured my taste for my dinner
I went up to Mrs Bloodgoods, after dinner,
to have a coat made for Louis. She is very
sick and complaining.
Mr & Mrs Anelli, spent two hours with me
They make a genteel couple, and are both
agreable. [sic] The children did not behave

pg 89so I put them both out of the room.
Mr H. came in to tea much fatigued, he took some oysters in the evening. His cold is rather better, but not well. My complexion troublesome as usual, although I had hoped to have been much releived [sic] after this week.
This cutaneous eruptions will not yield to medicine time alone will cure it.