pg 93Thursday. 21.st. April. 1842.

A beautifull bright sun, but the air cool.

Our breakfast hour is at half past six, and my jumping up hour at six.
When the bell rings, the conflict between sleep, and duty is terrible,
my spirit longs to be up, but my poor body clings to its couch.
The trial: to my “better half” is still more poignant.
I took a long walk this morning, spent
one dollar very foolishly, for two hair pins..
at Ginochi’s. My conscience smote me.
Bought a new spelling book for Julie 1.6 d
and a reading book. 1.6 d
I did not feel well to day, so weak
and chilly, dreaded a cold.
Maria, spent the afternoon with us.
I walked out with G. in the cold moonlight.