pg 94Saturday. 23.d April. 1842.

Beautifull, mild weather.

Our breakfast hour, is still six oclock, but we do
not get up actually, and bodily, before six, so
we, put back our morning meal; sadly.
I am fond of early riseing, and the habit of
awakening before six, becomes a stated habit, it is
no longer painfull, but pleasant to me.
Spent the morning at home, the boys walked
out, Remsen complained of fatigue. He romps
too much.
Took a walk after dinner, went to see Deborah,
sat an hour with her, Julie, cold and impa-
tient to return home. She is a troublesome
companion to walk, or visit with.
Garret, came home much fatigued, has
eaten no regular dinner this week.
He purchased our carpets to.day. They are
brussels, and no doubt in good taste.