pg 97Wednesday. April. 1842.

A day of April showers.

A bright sun rise, gave promise of a fair
day, but blustering clouds soon dispelled
the brilliant scene.
My morning was spent in sewing the
childrens garments, and packing Julie’s
After dinner I walked to the dress makers
to get two silk aprons gaged, just escaped
a shower on returning.
Mr H. came home early, he had eaten his
dinner down town.
He made his first preperations [sic] for moveing.
Took up a carpet, and put all the first
story in an uproar. I helped him along
as well as I could.
He spent the evening in the garret, with Simon
bringing the rubbish down.

we have not collected much.
I sat alone in the parlour sewing, the evening
was quite cool, and I felt rather chilly.

Paid Catharine Quin, fifteen shillings, for two days
and a half, washing and ironing. She thought
it too much to take, but I did not care to
take it back; altho it was too much in all