pg 100Monday. 2.nd. May. 1842.

A threatening sky, and heavy showers through the day.

Alas for poor wanderers, on this unfortunate
day. We commenced our final removes early
and at twelve oclock, a cab stood at the door
to convey us to a scene of quiet, and peace.
The rain was falling in torrents, but we reached
our destined port in safety.
I was much pleased with our accommodations,
our bed.room being large, and a front room.
The steet is noisy, but lively also.
Mrs Marers, is a clever little soul, keeps a good
table, and has every thing very neat.
Her house is full of boarders.
I went to bed for a nap, and then Bridget
sat down to help me make aprons for Louis.
Mr H. did not come to dinner, was in the
house all day. C. Shanly, came to .day.