pg 101Thursday. 5.th. May. 1842.

A beautifull, clear day.

I went up to the house, found things
going on slowly. Painters, and White washers
tedious animals, at this season. The house
looks pleasant.
I rode down in the stage, and was shocked
to find a boy covered with small pox, in the
stage. My heart died within me, and yet
I did not jump out as I should have done.
C., brought the children down to see me, they
almost set me wild with noise.
Mrs Marers, and Miss, came up to see them.
Sent them cake, and candy.
They left a[t] two oclock. I called on “Bell”
after dinner, she was not at home. The bat.
tery looked charming, and was full of people.
Remsen, went on it, with his hoople (a child’s hoop for play).
Garret, slept all the evening, untill ten oclock.