pg 102Friday. 6. th. May. 1842.

A lovely, summers day.

I sent Bridget up to the house to assist
in washing paint, while the care of Remsen
dissolved on my shoulders. He is no trouble
when alone, but rather domineering with the other
children. After dressing him, and giveing
myself a good cold bath, we walked over to
the store, Garret was not in, so we sat a few
moments, and then got in a stage to ride up
to Mrs Bloodgood’s. From there we walked to our
house, and then rode home. Remsen, behaved
very well. I purchased three pair white stock
ings at [Hamads], at one shilling a pair.

When we came home we both went to bed
for a nap, and I slept untill G. came in
to dinner. My dinner was sent up,
and I eat too hearty, for my own good.
Pa called to see me this morning.

Isabella, sat two hours with me, this afternoon
She looks very well in her new bonnet.
I dressed my self for tea.
Miss Betsey Van Vyke arrived this morning.