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pg 110Monday.23. May. 1842.
To Saturday. 28. th. May.
A pleasant day.

The Dr left us this afternoon, with his horse.
I did not write Maria.
This week has been a busy one; and all
hands have been busily engaged putting out
house in order.
The workman, painters, furniture deliverers,
all left on Saturday night, so we had a
quiet clear delightfull house to enjoy.
I am quite enchanted, and go over it with
the greatest pleasure. We shall never feel
the heat very much, as the situation seems
high and cool.
I cannot particulariz [sic] every event of this
week, but each day had its engagement.
I spent our morning with mother, called on
Mrs Woodruff, and Mrs Van Nest.
Borrowed six pence to ride home from pa.