pg 110Monday. 30. th May. 1842.

Overcast, and raining.

I had a long talk with Bridget, Catharine and Simon, They were all rather impertinent, at least B, and Simon. Their complaints of the children, are shamefull, as they are as little trouble as children can well be.
G. tells me I am not decided enough in
my manner. The fact was, my plans
were not organized, as the rooms for the children
were still wet, and not fit for them to play
in, and in consequence of this they were rather
more rebellious than usual.
I wrote a note to Catharine, and sent it up to
Chelsea, she wrote me some news in return.
In the evening I related the conversation of the
servants to Mr H. “he remarked if they were dis-
pleased they might find other quarters.