pg 111Tuesday. 31. st. of May. 1842.

A fine clear day, but still a peculiar coolness in the air.

I arose at six, and dusted my parlours, before breakfast. Was engaged untill near twelve.
Dressed in my brown silk, and had quite a levee
In the first place came in Mrs R. Lawrence, the bride.
with Jane L. from Geneva. then Maria dropped in
next came mother. Mr Abeel, spent an hour with
us, he admired our paintings, thought my por-
trait good. John, and Abraham Varick called in.
We had our dinner before Garrets arrival, as the
promise of calling on “Abrahams Bride” would occupy
some time. He came in before we were done.
Rode down with us to Courtland Street, put Maria
on the handsome Drs lap. I paid her expenses.
Our jaunt was pleasant.
We saw all the Varicks, and thought the bride rather

pretty although pale, and silent. She is very
small, resembling Mrs Pell.”
We returned home to tea. Mother, and Maria
left soon after.
I felt fatigued with the whirl of excitement.

Yesterday Garret, came in with a new [serath] on
I did not like it at first, and the children all
exclaimed, take it off. Mother thinks it becoming
G will not wear it untill Fall.

Mrs Bloodgood, cut out a dress for me, and one for
Julie, this morning.

Catharine, and Mrs Smith, called in my absence.