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pg 112Wednesday. 1.st of June. 1842.

A fine, bright day, rather warm.

I walked out morning, and noon, went in
pursuit of gaiter boots.
Called to see Miss Champlain, sat an hour with
them, tried her organ. Do not like it.
Garret, bought some fresh butter to.night.
6.lb. table butter
10.lbs cooking.
A new hat stand came home, price 18. $.
two blue sheep skin mats for the floor parlours.
Two mats for the hall doors.
Neely Lockwood, paid us a visit, I thanked him
for the Books, and scarf he sent us.
Received a letter from Maria Hasbrouck, begging
me to write her.
I went to bed early; G. says to cheat him.
Mr H. gave me eighteen pair stockings for the
children, and six pairs cotton, four pair silk for self.