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pg 112Thursday. 2.nd. June. 1842.

Very pleasant, bright day.

After, finishing my morning duties, Julie, and
I set off for a walk, we took three rides to
help along. Bought 1 pair thick shoes, Julie.
Had her measured for boots.
Myself measured at Daportes for gaiters.
Mon Marie, gave me five dollars to pay my debts,
but I did not obey him. Instead doing it
next week.
Bought a white veil, 6 Shillings
two pair net gloves. 4 shillings
Rides, and Cake 20. pence.
Took Sis, to Mrs Bloodgoods after dinner, tried on
our dresses. They both look very well.
Henry, called to see me this morning in my absence.
I regretted not seeing him, as it is his first visit in
three months. Maria, came in for his “Specs,” he forgot them.