pg 113Friday. 3.d. June. 1842.

Clear, but peculiarly cool.

I over slept myself this morning, did not
hear the bell. Our breakfast late in consequence.
Mrs Bloodgood came in with my lilac Muslin; and silk dress for Julie.
She cut tight sleeves, for my blue “Mous de Laine”.
Miss Newby, and Mrs Martin, called to see me.
I spent two hours writeing a letter to Maria
Took Julie with me to call on “Mrs Mazers.” We rode
down, and sat an hour with them. From there
went over to G.s, store; he was dancing around
among the boxes. We all walked leisurely up
Broadway, meeting a great many persons. I
saw Mrs Dunn, for the first time in years, she
looks pretty still. On arriveing at home my
fatigue was so great, I could not stir, and was
obliged to go to bed at nine oclock.