pg 113Saturday. 4.th. June. 1842.

Damp, with rain at hand.

Heard the bell this morning, and obliged its call.
Did not feel very well, my complexion course.
The children play hoop a great deal in the street,
the morning air, is good for them.
Remsen, would spend all his time there, if I
would allow him.
I sat down this morning to write up this day-
book, other employments, haveing interrupted my
daily notions of “matters and things.”
Even the cursory glance I give of daily occurrences
is a source of pleasure to me on looking over the
pages, as a slight hint will often recall scenes of
peculiar interest.
My book is so shabby, I am almost ashamed
of its contents, and appearance.

Garret, gave me 1 $. to pay for haveing the piano