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pg 115Tuesday. 7.th. June. 1842. A cool day, the change very great from Sunday. We all felt the sudden change in the air, which produced slight cold. A large fire is only comfortable to.day. Isabella, spent the morning, with me, her first visit to our new house. I treated her to cake, and wine; and she was as chatty as usual. I wished her ten times more com. forts, and pleasures than I had, as she is so un.envious in her disposition, and really deserving of happiness. We engaged to make some calls to.gether. A Man came to tune the piano; he found it very much in distress, and says he must call again, in two weeks, to try it again. I did not pay him. We had green peas, the first to.day, they were not boiled enough. Catherine, is not as good a cook, as I expected her to be. Julie, came down this morning, with her right eye, swollen and almost closed. We think it proceeds from cold, as she has gone very naked the last two days. Bridget took her to “Blatchlys”, they gave her some eye water. six. pence. also some cover salve for Bell. At five oclock I rode up to nineteenth street, the air was too cold for pleasure. Mother and C. just came in from a long walk. They had no fire, but did not seem to feel the cold. I sat two hours, and then rode home, feeling uncomfortably cold. G. had been waiting some time for me, my brood were all hugging a good fire, “parder” at the head. The tea.table was not set, and I was obliged to find fault with all hands. We had a quantity of large “straw.berries,” I pg 116
was trying to persuade mother to come down, and help me eat, but she was too much fatigued. Fortunately she did not, as our berries, the large and beautifull, were sour. I was provoked, having promised myself such a feast. the children ate them, but they did not think them as “good, as they looked.” Garret, bought some gambroon (1) to make clothes for Louis, with buttons. I spent my evening alone, G. always spends an hour, or two out; and I fell asleep to. night in his absence. My work was up stairs, and I was too lazy to get it.
(1) gambroon: twilled worsted and cloth.