pg 116Wednesday. 8.th. of June. 1842. A damp, cool day, as if rain was near at hand. My morning slumbers were so sweet, I could not get up untill near seven. My better half was still soundly sleeping, I must shake him a little every morning, to get him in good habits. Sewing, sweeping, dusting and housekeeping, employed all my time. Julie’s eye almost well, but she appears rather indisposed. She ate too many straw. berries, and other articles to.day, which gave her a pain in her stomach. A short nap done her good. The boys “grunt” a little, but still run in the street. Mr H. tells of leaving us for a week, or two; I do not relish the idea, of separating from him so long. I shall persuade him to wait, untill summer. pg 117Finished my blue de Laine this morning, worked very hard to accomplish the task. Have a great deal of work to do before the heat of summer. G. says I must make Louis clothes; they will bore me dreadfully. Did not walk out to day, G. thinks I have nothing to do, wonders I walk so little. M Laird, took tea with us, and staid all night. Garret, has a large pimple on his forehead, it annoys him very much. I went to bed early to night. We all sat around a good fire to take our tea.