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pg 117Thursday. 9. th of June. 1842.

Raining in the morning. The rain passed
over, and a warm sun broke out to.day the

I cut out a pair of pants for Louis, of stone
coloured gambroon.
Sent a bundle of old clothes to Mrs [Cra___sy]
to give to a poor woman.
Garret, went up to Troy, in the evening boat, he bade
me an affecting farewell. I told him an un-
truth which made me feel rather unhappy,
still it was to make him happy.
After he left I walked up to Mrs Bloodgood’s
to direct her how to make me blue muslin dress.
Had a feast of strawberries.
Bought three hoopels for the children, price 4. _d
Practiced the piano in the evening, find
myself a great dummy, and my fingers stiff.