pg 118Saturday. 11.th. June. 1842.

A cold day; quite like winter.

Garret, returned home at five this morning,
came up to see me at six.
The morning was so cold, the children did
not like to remain out of doors, and put on
their velvet caps.
After dinner, I walked down to “Middletons,”
with G. altho he had on his shabby old win-
ter coat, Paid my bill of 50 cts. for mending
shoes, and boots.
Strawberries, at tea, they are not sweet yet.
Bought a pair nankeen col. kid gloves, 5 shillings.
2 yds coat binding 1. shilling. 2 sheer silk, 8 pence
Sent Simon with a note to mothers, Maria,
wrote me word Catharine was ill with a pleurisy.
Mother, sent me some gooseberries, from Davids (Julia’s brother)
farm in Jersey.
Simon staid out late, they kept him waiting.