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pg 120Tuesday. 14. June. 1842, showers.
Wednesday. 15. Very warm
Tooke the Herald to day.
Thursday. 16. Warm, and showers.
Friday. 17.
Close, unhealthy atmosphere,
rain at intervals.
The last four days have been devoted to my
needle, and my back has ached sadly,
from too close and application to work.
Louis, wardrobe, was out of order, and I felt
it my duty to set about makeing him a set
out. I finished him two pair pantaloons
one of drilling , and one of gambroon.
Besides a thousand other knic-knacks too
numerous to mention.
On Thursday Maria, took tea with us, we
walked half way home with her, the evening
was very hot, and close. I laid on the
sofa on my return, and fell asleep, the
night air blowing on me.
A cold was the consequence.

Had two quilts bleached this week.
The parlour windows washed.
Strawberries, very cheap, three cents a basket,
we eat them daily. Green peas plenty.
We all put on our summer clothes to.day.
The children feel the heat very much.
Pa, came to see us to.day; he admires our
house very much.
I put the children to bed to.night.
Practised the piano an hour.
Trimmed the boys straw hats.

Took off my feather bed, slept on the
mattress, found it charming.