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pg 122Tuesday. 21. st June. 1842.

A sultry day, the sun shone out clear at noon
and dried the air.
Garret, walked out to the old prison, when he retur-
ned I went with him to the shoe.makers.
Took a pair boots for Louis. 7 shil.
One pair ditto Remsen. 6 shil.
Shoes for self — 11.Shil
Ordered gaiters for Julie.
Paid eight shil. 6 pence for my grass skirt.
Spent the morning sewing.
The children all eager to get dressed, to go up to
the blind asylum.
pg 123At five oclock we set out, all dressed and looking
our best; the children sweet as rose.buds.
The afternoon was cool, and fine. The Miss Bailey’s
did not arrive in time to go, I remained with
them, the Children, Jane, Maria and Pa, Bridget,
all went, they returned home loaded with fl____.

Louis, had a plant presented him. I sent the boys
home, “Sis” was half dead with a cold, but she would
not give up, a return home.
Mr, & Mrs Lawrence, came in the evening, William & Burnet
I remained untill near nine, and then rode
home alone with Julie. Found Garret, gazeing
at the moon, instead of looking after me.
We all went to bed fatigued.
I invited Jane to spend to.morrow with me.