pg 123Wednesday. 22.nd. June. 1842.

A very hot day; the warmest we have had.

I went around the house, makieng my arrange-
ments, untill fatigued to death.
Mr H. bought me fruit, chickens, ham, and every-
thing nice for dinner.
The girls came at 1 oclock, they appeared very
lively and well. The heat made me feel dull,

&nbspbut Jane kept us all in spirits.
Our dinner passed off very well, although Catharine,
does not cook as well as Ann used to do, and is
new and clumsy.
The Miss Baileys, with little William Ellery, and
Miss Burnet, came in the afternoon to see Jane.
Bell, and Ferdinand came up to tea, Henry came
in also, his first cup of tea out in three months
Julie went to bed sick with a horrid cold, she
was compelled to give up at last.
They all left at nine, I was much overcome
by uncommon exertions.
Mr H. bought me two small white pitchers
to day price two dollars.
Had some difficulty in makeing Catharine cut
Bread, and prepare for tea; she is a slow motion
creature. My cake very poor.