pg 124Thursday. 23. June. 1842.

A day of showers, warm, but not so
uncomfortable as yesterday.

I could scarcely get up this morning,
could not eat any break fast. We all felt slim,
Louis complains of his stomach very often.
Julie, is up altho her cold is very bad.
Arranged all my closets this morning.
Mended Louis, pantaloons. Altered my lilac
muslin sleeves, made them tight
The rain became a settled storm, damp, and
disagreable. Mr H. did not go down in the after.
noon, he went to bed, and made me come for
company, This is getting me in a bad way.
We jumped up to tea, and felt rather worse.
than before.
The children sneezing, and half sick with colds.
mine is better.
I commenced reading the Life of “Elisha the Tishbite”
G. made me come to bed at ten oclock.